Address Search

An address Search can be easy to do if you have the right search tools for the job. Some of these online tools cost a small amount of money. You should not pay much perform an online address search. Most online address searches use the electoral roll to collect their information and also the Royal Mail PAF File. If you would prefer to search for free you could make a trip to the council offices where they will allow you to search the electoral roll. This is time consuming. So, really it’s about how you value your time and also how many addresses you need to find. Remember you need to go to the council where the person you are looking for lives. Each council has their own data so you can’t go to Leeds council to find someone’s address in Peterborough.

Address Search through the UK…

You can perform an address search throughout the UK to find where someone lives. There are many different ways to do this. The simplest way is to use a tracing agent to locate a person. We’d recommend this so that you can sit back and let them find the person for you.

This can also be the most cost effective way as you pay them a set fee and no more, if you try and find someones address yourself you can end up spending large amounts of money on various searches but not getting anywhere.

You can also do search on-line , these websites charge less than £10 and will search for anyone’s address in the UK. The search can be conducted in a matter of seconds and you will have your results in minutes, this is the best and most cost effective way. There are companies that advertise search for free but honestly speaking they will not be providing you with up to date information. The companies that charge you up to £10 do so because they have the latest address search information.