Electoral Roll 2002-2022

Electoral Roll 2002-2022 is still a great way to find a person you have lost touch with. And soon it will be Electoral Roll 2002–2023!

The great news is there are many websites where you can access Electoral roll data. These websites compile the data each year and you then pay to access the data. These websites usually ask you to spend around £10 on credits. You can then use the credits to search for people.

Electoral Roll 2002-2022 can be used to find people from the past.

Electoral Roll search can help trace people

The Electoral roll has long been one of the first places for people to search when they are looking for lost friends and family.

This method is still one of the most cost effective ways to find someone. Especially if you know their full name and an area of the country they live in. What it doesn’t do is confirm that you have found your exact person. But for the money it is a good starting point.

The data is collated from the publicly available version of the electoral roll each year.

This publicly available version is called the Open Register. The electoral roll 2023 will be out shortly.

What information can you access via the Electoral Roll 2002-2022

Different websites have different offerings but an established website such as 192 will provide you with the following information.

Someone’s full name, so if you don’t know a person’s middle name you can find it via an electoral roll search. You can also confirm you have the right person if you know their middle name.

Their full address. If the person you are searching for is on the edited electoral roll, then when you buy credits and access the data, you’ll have their full address, including door number and postcode.

If you need to check that you have the right person you can also obtain the length of time they have lived in the house. This length of residency check is very useful.

The search with a reputable provider such as 192 would also give you the name of both the other people who live in the house and the previous occupants. You even get neighbours details so there is an awful lot of data for just a few pounds.

Here are some pros and some cons of using the Electoral Roll 2002-2022

  1. The Electoral Roll is easy to use and there are lots of websites providing the data you need.
  2. Over 750 million various records to give you the best chance of success.
  3. Credits will cost you between £5 and £10.

Some cons

  1. Using the Electoral Roll 2002-2022 can be difficult to know you have your exact person and not just a name’s sake. Especially if you are looking for someone with a common name.
  2. Not everyone is on the electoral roll, it is now an edited version and some people opted off the open register. To be fair to the electoral roll providers some do cover this by obtaining data from other sources.

As you can see in the world of people searching an electoral roll search is a useful search to add to your investigation.

When is the 2023 electoral released

The Govenment release the Electoral Roll each year. Updating it and then releasing it to the data providers.

They take a week or two to put the data into their websites and then as soon as they can, they release it. You can then buy credits to the electoral roll.

This usually happens in April. The ER will continue to be a great way to find someone.

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