Find a Person

Find a person for any reason using the internet can be a difficult task. If you’re never tried to find a person for free then you may have found the right place to begin learning how to find a person using the internet for free. Please consider clicking through to one of our people finding experts on the left of this page as these help to keep the site free for everyone to use. The best thing about this site is that all the information is free and we want to keep it that way. To find a person for free by using the internet is dependent on what information is already in existence and the what percentage of this information is freely available.

What we are trying to say is that to find a person totally for free is unlikely, this is because the key information is harder to obtain so when a company does obtain some key information they are more likely than not to charge their customers to access the information. This is certainly true of the Electoral Roll Searches that can be performed to locate someone, the companies who have paid to own an electoral roll from a particular year then charge the public to access this information which is fair enough. We would recommend a two pronged approach to help you find a person in the UK.

Firstly you will need to accept that you may have to spend a small amount of cash, for example the UK’s best Electoral Roll search companies advertise on this page and charge less than £4 to access the electoral roll between 2002 and 2010, this is cost effective and can also move you so far towards finding a person that it is well worth it. If you access one of their systems you will be able to find people quickly and discreetly but if you really want to find people completely for free you should read our Find People For Free guide here. If you are happy to pay a small fee you could try one of our advertisers on the left of this page and move things forward much faster than you can by not been prepared to spend any money at all.

Further still if you are looking for a person that owes you money or need to find a person urgently or are looking for someone who has only recently moved and so consequently will not appear on the electoral roll you may be best instructing a full people finder service, these usually charge around £50 but work on a no find no fee basis so if they don’t find who you are looking for there is no charge. To find a person is enjoyable and can be done cheaply if you are prepared to invest a small amount of money and plenty of time. You should have a look around this site at the other pages that are all about finding people and finding people for the past.

Good luck in your quest to find a person.