Find People You Have Lost Touch With

Finding people you have lost touch withThere are many ways you can find people you have lost touch with. Here is a list that includes pretty much every way we can think of to find someone you have lost touch with.

finding people you have lost touch with can be easy. You just have to know where to look.

Here’s how:

  1. See if they are on Facebook
  2. See if their friends are on Facebook
  3. See if any of their family are on Facebook
  4. See if they are on Friends Reunited
  5. Try a Google search for them, put their name in quotations when you do
  6. See if they have a Twitter account
  7. How about trying a BT Direct Enquiries search, you might get their phone number
  8. Have you tried Bebo
  9. What about MySpace
  10. You should have a look to see if they have an account on LinkedIn
  11. Do they have a blog
  12. Check Whois, do they own a website?
  13. Have you been to the local council offices and looked at the Electoral Register
  14. Have you tried your local library
  15. Try asking other friends of the person if they know where they are
  16. Try a search to locate the persons family, do you know where their parents live
  17. What about trying a previous employer
  18. Try an Electoral Roll Search
  19. Try an historical electoral roll search
  20. If you think they own a house try a Land Registry search
  21. If you think they live abroad try a White Pages search
  22. Look at
  23. Have a look at Pipl
  24. Try Companies House, maybe they are a company director
  25. Check other versions of their name, maybe they spell it slightly different
  26. Search for their partner, they may be easier to trace
  27. Try a People Finder UK search with a professional company.
  28. Try neighbours at their previous address, maybe they know where they went
  29. Try other people with the same surname, maybe they are relations
  30. Did they play any sports, could you contact the team they played for
  31. Did they have any unusual Hobbies, a great way to find people you have lost touch with
  32. If they did maybe they are on websites connected with these Hobbies
  33. Try birth records

    You’re over half way there in our finding people you have lost touch with list!

  34. Try Death records. A sad thought, but if they are older you should consider it
  35. Try marriage records, maybe your old girlfriend found true love
  36. National Archives have some fantastic search tools
  37. Ancestry is the shizzle when it comes to family tree research
  38. Put messages out looking for the person,
  39. Try people search blogs
  40. Try people search sites
  41. Could they be in the Military
  42. Have you looked at MSN groups
  43. Try Yahoo
  44. What about dexonline
  46. Try a reverse charges phone call
  47. Try
  48. What about a Lycos People Search
  49. Check out
  50. If they are in business try Ziggs
  51. Look at the local paper listings and stories
  52. Maybe it’s not them you are looking for, maybe you are looking for love
  53. If you are try online dating
  54. If you know they live locally get out and about, you might just bump into them
  55. Try
  56. Try if the person is missing rather than just lost
  57. In Scotland? Try
  58. Pick up the phone book
  59. Have a look at FreeIndex
  60. Blog search engines
  61. Have a look into Zaba
  62. Write a blog about them, promote it in the local area online
  63. If you desperate you could start a website
  64. Tweet about the person you are looking for
  65. Try a Search Engine reverse search
  66. New for 2023 – Facebook groups. Perfect if you know they went to Spain for example or they liked Motorbikes.

Good luck finding ways to find people you have lost touch with