A Postcode finder service is obviously useful if you need to find someone’s postcode. You can use various services to locate a postcode. If you have part of an address but cannot find the postcode for the address. Most if not all postcode finders do cost money some of the best ones are on this site for you to look at.

Postcode Finder

The same postcode is usually used for a small group of addresses. So, is not unique to every address. It helps to pin-point exactly where the item of mail needs to go to. Using the postcode means that the majority of mail can go through automated sorting machines allowing it to be sorted quickly and accurately. If mail does not have a postcode or has an incorrect postcode it will have to be sorted manually. This takes longer and can mean that mail is sent to the wrong destination (although most mail is still generally delivered correctly and on time).

If you are looking to send someone a letter but don’t have their postcode you could try and find them on Facebook. Facebook can find friends in seconds. If you need their address but don’t have a postcode you can use the Royal Mail postcode finder.

You can also phone the Royal Mail postcode finder on 0906 302 1222. Although this service does cost 50p per minute. If you prefer you can use their online service to find a postcode please click here for further information.

You may be best using an electoral roll search to locate a postcode. You may also be able to get further information such as a telephone number for the address and a confirmation that the people you are looking for are still there.

We hope you find the best postcode finder.