Finding the owners of Unregistered Land

Finding the owners of unregistered land is a difficult task because the owner of the land will be the only person who can prove ownership. Unregistered means that the land is not registered with Land Registry so they will not be able to help or provide any information relating to the ownership of the land. This leaves you in a position where conducting your own enquiries may be the only way to move forward.

There are services that can help you find the owners of unregistered land, expect to pay around £500 for the privilege.

Finding the owners of unregistered land

The only way to find the owner is to make local enquiries and see if anyone knows who the owner is, you could also try businesses and government departments to see if they have any idea of ownership of the land. It is a time intense thing to do so it maybe better outsourcing the search to a professional company that will charge a fee to locate the owner, you can find examples of companies who perform this type of search by googling “Unregistered land Owner search” FinderMonkey are a company that are known to do this type of work for the public as well as for house builders and solicitors. You could also try a search of the index map with Land Registry to see if this reveals any further information on the owners.

A further tip is to look at old maps and see what used to be on the land, this can be a master stroke, especially if it transpires that the land was once owned by the church, the council or the coal authority because chances are, they still will own it. If you can find the owner from a time gone by and then you can’t locate a change in ownership you can presume that the land is still owned by the same people.

Good luck in finding the owners of unregistered land.