2011 Electoral Roll Search

A 2011 Electoral Roll search is a great way to find someone. So what can you expect to get from the 2011 Electoral Roll?

Can you perform a 2011 electoral roll search for free?

Unfortunately you can’t do this anymore. There are no companies that will allow you to do this. Local authorities collect the data and sell it to private companies. These companies charge a fee to make this money back as it can run into thousands of pounds.

As you have to pay for the 2011 electoral roll online it is a good idea to find a search company that will give you the best return for your money. Some companies offer a credit scheme that allows you to access their database for a limited period of time or a limited amount of searches. Others have staff to carry out and use the database to a higher standard to provide a more accurate result. So, it is a good idea to confirm your needs with the company before asking them to carry out a search for you. It really depends on whether you require a one off search or a more continued access.

When performing a search with a company make sure of the following:

  • Do they have access to the latest version of the edited electoral roll? A 2011 electoral roll search is now available. Does the company you are using have access to the latest data?
  • Do they have access to search the historical electoral roll? A voter’s roll search that comprises of the current and historical electoral roll will really improve your chances of finding a friend online. Consider that they may have only opted off the voters roll search this year, if you had access to last year’s you would of obtained your friends address.
  • Does the company you are about to pay your money to have access to any other systems? A search of the electoral roll is a great way to find someone but it is not the only way. A company can also buy access to other systems and can perform search the Royal Mail PAF file. This is another list of names and addresses. And list is probably an understatement as it contains over 18 million records! Some also allow you to search the BT Osis file so you may even obtain a telephone number for the person you are looking for. It’s always worth seeing if a telephone number search is included.
  • Finally make sure the website is a genuine one, do they have their address on the site? Do they have a contact number; you should always ring and see if you can speak to someone.

If you are looking for a person who owes you money there are better ways than an electoral roll search that can be used to located debtors.

A 2011 Electoral Roll search is still the best way to find out where someone lives. Good luck with your 2011