Electoral Roll Search – Want to find someone you have lost touch with?

There are many ways in find someone using electoral roll search. Services such as 192.com can be a great place to start.

Electoral rolls are also held locally with each council so depending on your means of travel and if you know where the person was last known to be living. You can visit the local council offices to access the electoral rolls direct.

Things to consider when finding someone using electoral roll search

These day people have more choice. You need to know that not everyone data is as easily accessible as it used to be. You can now opt out of the electoral roll. So, not everyone is on there.

Also, the data is often not published until around six months after it is collated. You we aware that if you do find an address on an electoral roll, they still may have moved in a short space of time.

What else can you do?

As public information is harder to obtain than ver. And people have more rights to withdraw their data form public systems. Then you may be left with no option but to seek professional help.

FinderMonkey are the UK’s leading people tracing company. They source data ethically and privately so its much more up to date and accurate than any public information.

This being said. It still sits protected so in most cases they will help you facilitate contact with the person you are looking for rather than just supply someones address data direct to you.

Let’s be honest though, if you‘er looking for someone and you’re serious and it’s been a while. Then you want to do it right, right?

There are also other things you can try, find out more here.

We hope this helps for now and that you have all the joy you deserve in finding someone using electoral roll search.