Debtors can be a big pain in the backside. People who owe other people money and then disappear with no intention of paying it back are the lowest of the low. People can end up in bad situations through no fault of their own but should face up to the problems they have caused and work with their creditors to pay the money back as soon as they can. If you are looking to find old friends then different techniques are used.

Debtors usually disappear…

Debtors usually disappear from their last known address and then try and keep their head below the radar so they cannot be traced but this is getting harder and harder to do. If you wait around two months from when you lose touch with them they can usually be traced quite quickly. You do need access to credit reference information as this is the data that updates in the quickest time. Most tracing companies will have access to credit reference information so you should start your search with them. Do not try and trace them yourself as none of the systems you try will update quickly enough. The only exception to this is Facebook. You can, if the debtor is very open, find new information on their profile pages.

There are many ways that people try to avoid paying their debts back and the law is stacked in their favour as the electoral roll is now edited and this can really help people remain evasive for long periods. If you do manage to trace the debtors to their new address. You can have the hardest of times trying to convenience a court to issue a county court judgement and you must also pay out even more for the privilege.

Many people and businesses who are owed money find the whole legal system stacked in the favour of the debtors which is an insult to them after they lend the money in good faith. There are services that allow you to trace debtors.

There is some further information about steps you can take to chase debtors here.

For information relating to debtors then you could contact they specialise in tracing debtors to new addresses. We hope we have given you an understanding of the problems you face with debtors.