Find People Abroad

Find people abroad is more difficult that finding someone in the UK. There are many factors to consider when trying to find someone in another country. Such as, how long ago they moved to that particular country? Or, if they have always lived there and how much other detail you have about the person? But the good news is that everyone can be found. Finding relatives abroad maybe easier as their names can stand out on various systems. For example, if you are looking for John Smith in Spain he will stand out further than if you were looking for the same person in the UK. There are advantages to trying to find someone in another country. There are two major ways to find people overseas.

You can use various systems to find people overseas. Infobel is one of the leading services you can click here to learn more. The other is Facebook.

Find people abroad using Facebook

Yes it is mentioned a lot on this site but Facebook is a really great way to find people who are overseas. You cannot under estimate Facebook for finding people both in the UK and abroad. It has over 400 million people on it and it is a worldwide phenomenon. So, if you have lost touch with someone it should be one of the first ways you search for them. A great way to find people abroad using Facebook is via groups. We have found people in all sorts of countries using Facebook groups. It is so simple, we join private groups on Facebook that are about the country we think the person is in, then we ask around!

It sounds too easy but it works really well.

You can also find relatvies outside of the UK using the White pages that each country has its own white pages. Most have a facility to search in English, so if you want to find someone in Spain for example you can use the Spanish White Pages. Click on the Union Jack Flag to translate the site to English – just a useful tip to help you on you way.

Finding people abroad is not that difficult but you have some basic information to give you a realistic chance. If you are looking for a male friend that moved to Thailand three years ago then you have a good chance of finding them. That is because you probably have their current name. If you are looking for a woman who moved to USA in 1973 the chances are she got married over there, that is still a really doable search, but in truth requires much more work and skill.

Find people abroad using contacts.

It can be fun to build your connections and its also a great way to find people overseas. We are always looking to work with people who can help us and now have a network of researchers across the globe. You can do the same. Don’t be scared to contact people who might be able to help you with your search.

To conclude,

To find people abroad you must,

  1. Ensure you know their current name
  2. Know which country you are searching in
  3. Join Facebook and search for them on there
  4. Join groups on Facebook and ask if anyone knows them
  5. Build connections with local people who are willing to help you, again Facebook is good for this.

We hope this guide has helped you with your search to find people abroad.