How Do I Find out who Owns a Property?

Finding Property Owner

People search in the UK through property ownership. This site is all about finding people for free, it offers help and free advice to help you find the people you have lost touch with.

You can find out who owns a property in the UK by performing a land registry search at the property. Finding out who owns a property is a great way to find people, as you can assume that you can contact the person via the property they own even if they no longer live there, if you can’t you can read through our People Search Tips and get some further advice on finding a person.

How do I find out who owns a property?

When a person buys a property the Land Registry are informed and their name goes onto the Proprietors register immediately. The proprietors register which is part of a title register contains which people or company own the property. It is a crucial tool in the art of people finding.

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