People Search England

People Search England – Finding people specifically in England is not really any different to finding people in any other area of the UK. You can use the same techniques to people search in Scotland or Wales in much the same way. Most systems for finding people are either UK based such as the electoral roll or worldwide such as Google and Facebook. The only system that can be used as a People Search tool that is not UK wide is HM Land Registry as this system is for England and Wales only, Northern Ireland and Scotland have their own versions of HM Land Registry.

The main ways of locating people in England are

  • Electoral Roll Searches (see the advert on the top left of this page)
  • Family history searches (great to find your ancestors)
  • Land Registry Searches (find out who owns a property)
  • Facebook (has over 100 million users – a great people search tool)
  • Google (it can help you find anything even friends!)

These are the main systems for people search England, you can also not under estimate the power of BT direct enquires to locate people too. This service is free to use online so is probably the best way to find people for free.

This site is written and maintained by a professional people finder, we hope its helped you with your People Search England.